How Child Custody Consulting Can Help During the COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dr. Kristin Tolbert is a licensed psychologist based out of Palm Beach County, Florida, who’s practice is exclusively focused on assisting family law attorneys and the parents they represent, with their most challenging, highly litigated, conflictual child custody disputes.

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    Yuliet Hernandez

    Good Afternoon ;

    I share custody of my 5 years old special needs son with a narcissist . During the pandemic I was working from home since April – June . I have to go back to work from the office . Dad got lay off , still home with my son and he doesn’t want me to get him back because i am exposed working and i have a daughter 23 years old that lives with me and she is working too of course we have to pay for our living expenses.
    i need legal advice about what should i do because this pandemic situation is taking longer and my son is getting very anxious , he miss me so much , he want me to pick up him everyday and of course dad is using this situation to hurts me . Beside my rights and my emotional situacion , i am very worry about my son well being , his emotional state , plus the lack of information i receive from his dad , the limitation time that he let him face time with me , i don’t trust him , I need to get my time with my son and recovery all the time that i missed . What should i do . With this type of men i have to be always well inform of my rights and get professionals help . I decided to continue my life in a healthy path with a safe and healthy environment and relations for me and my kids . It is no fear allow him to keep manipulating me and my son . Nobody deserve lives with fears and anxiety from an abuser

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