Capacity Assessments for Older Adults Making Changes to their Last Will and Testament

Recently, more and more attorneys and well advised families have approached our office seeking Testamentary Capacity Evaluations on elderly individuals who have decided to make changes to their Last Will and Testament. These evaluations are particularly helpful when dealing with high asset estates and conflictual families. They serve to preserve the testator’s wishes regarding the distribution of their estate, and avoid future claims of undue influence that could potentially invalidate a will.

In these situations, there is no room for error; the forensic psychologist must know what they are doing, have a reputation for honesty and unbiased opinions, and have the ability to present information effectively on the witness stand. Dr. Kristin Tolbert, a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist in Palm Beach County, Florida, thoroughly investigates the background of each case, performs a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s cognitive and functional abilities, and then meticulously documents the findings with the exact clinical/legal standards necessary to establish whether the individual had the capacity to change their will, free from undue influence by a third party.

If you are an attorney with a client who may benefit from a psychological evaluation to determine Testamentary Capacity, please call the Psychological Center for Expert Evaluations, Inc. to schedule a complimentary consultation directly with Dr. Tolbert. Our office is conveniently located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and we regularly travel to our clients if needed. Please call us today at (561) 429-2140 to see how we can help.


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