At the Psychological Center for Expert Evaluations, Inc. you will feel confident knowing that each member of our staff has been carefully selected for their dedication and commitment to excellence within the field. Here is a little background on each member of our team!

Dr. Kristin Tolbert: Forensically Trained Licensed Psychologist & President/Owner of Psychological Center for Expert Evaluations, Inc.

Family law attorneys continuously seek out Dr. Kristin Tolbert for her quality, unbiased social investigations, “behind the scenes” trial consultation, and psychological evaluations in high-conflict divorce and parental time-sharing cases. Attorneys retain Dr. Tolbert, over the competition, because of her strong clinical skills, comprehensive work, fresh ideas, and unwavering expert witness testimony.

Click here to view or print Dr. Tolbert’s CV: Dr. Tolbert’s CV 

Dr. Adam White:Forensically Trained Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor.

Dr. White is a well respected forensic psychologist who has over 20 years of experience working within the criminal and court psychology arenas. Currently, Dr. White primarily functions as our very own clinical supervisor for our unlicensed clinicians and interns. In addition to providing onsite supervision, Dr. White also provides our interns with experience within our local correctional facility, where he serves as a licensed forensic psychologist. We are very welcoming of Dr. White’s great skills, professional abilities, and advanced experience!

Dr. Megan Van Ella, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Van Ella brings her expertise in psychology all the way from Chicago! We were so excited to welcome Dr. Van Ella and her clinical skills to continue to grow our practice with her strong clinical experience! A great deal of her experience includes working with male offenders in correctional facilities as well as working in women’s justice programs. Aside from her clinical duties, Dr. Van Ella will be assisting our practice with supervision for our pre-doctoral interns, as well as lending her clinical experience in social investigations along side Dr. Tolbert. 

Click here to view Dr. VanElla’s:  Dr. Van Ella CV 

David Durst, M.S., Pre-Doctoral Intern

David grew up near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but spent most of his professional career practicing in State College, Pennsylvania. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Allegheny College and later his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Currently, David pursuing his PhD from Fielding Graduate University and is one of 2 of our pre-doctoral interns. David’s academic and professional career have been focused on diagnostic assessment and psychotherapy for adults and adolescents in acute care and forensic settings. We’re super excited to have David and his clinical knowledge as a part of our clinical team!