Court-Involved Therapy and What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Therapist

Each year, the need for more and more Court-Involved Therapy cases rises, especially within Palm Beach County, Florida. Ideally, court-involved therapy should be provided by a specially trained Court-Involved Therapist (CIT). It is meant to be therapeutic for the individual who, is at any time, involved in the legal system. A CIT is a mental health professional who should be aware of, and following, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) guidelines  of the best therapeutic practices within the court system, as well as the the specialty guidelines of forensic psychology. Only those therapists or counselors should be trusted to provide such sensitive and specialized psychotherapeutic treatment for the parents, children, or families who are involved in the legal system.

A CIT should have knowledge of divorce, child welfare, high conflict dynamics, in addition to the ability to assess the degree to which legal processes will impact the treatment and consider issues that may influence the client or parent’s capacity in treatment, and the implications of treatment interventions on the legal processes. A potential case would include court involved parents who have recognized their child is distressed and the individual seeks out treatment to improve their child’s well being as well as improving their case in court. Cases that involve parental fitness, a number of professionals such as parental coordinators become involved to facilitate the correction of any familial issues that the court is addressing.

Overall, court involved therapy is a great way for individuals in the legal system to facilitate positive solutions for legal dilemmas under the supervision of a mental health professional. Seeing that court involved therapy will most likely play an important role in an individual’s legal situation, it is vital to choose a forensic psychologist with profound knowledge and experience in your specific situation as well as the legal system.

Here is the list of guideline topics, created by The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, for all court-involved therapists to follow:

  • Assessing Levels of Court Involvement
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Competence
  • Multiple Relationships
  • Fee Arrangement
  • Informed Consent
  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Privilege
  • Methods and Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Professional Communication

Dr. Kristin Tolbert is a licensed psychologist whose opinion is sought out by various judges and attorneys to assist in complex and high conflict cases. With our office conveniently located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Dr. Tolbert is able to serve all of Palm Beach County with ease. Give us a call today to assist you in your case!

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