Divorce & The Importance of Family

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Every year children under the age of 18 are arrested in Palm Beach County for anything from drug possession to theft. Parents are always looking for new ways to get involved in their children’s lives to prevent unlawful behavior and decisions. Especially in families who are divorced, it may be difficult to be a part of your child’s life when you are on a parenting plan that doesn’t allow you to see your child every day. This is all the more reason for you as a parent, to show your support and love every way you can.

Children of divorced parents need parental involvement, due to the fact that they are at a higher risk of experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, and substance abuse. There is a great way that parents can become involved in their children’s lives just by doing one simple thing: eating a meal with your children. Statistics support the fact that families who eat together prevent substance abuse, depression and juvenile delinquency in their children. Over a meal, a family can discuss friends, school, extra curricular activities, and it also sets a foundation for good behavior. Allow children to help you cook, clean up, or set the table and it will make a big difference in their lives and behavior!

If getting your children to eat a meal with is difficult try these alternatives to show your support as a parent:

  • Cheer on your children at their sports practices or recitals
  • Take your children grocery shopping with you to get foods they like for dinner
  • Implement a “no technology” rule for all car rides and meal times to facilitate conversations about school or friends
  • Have a family game night with board games, video games, or movies
  • Let your children pick an activity that they enjoy and join them
  • Give your children chores or responsibilities around the home to give them structure, discipline, and responsibility

*See our article on Divorce & Co-Parenting for additional tips and information: https://forensicpsychologicalcenter.com/2013/04/04/divorce-co-parenting-2/

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