Why Mental Health Consultation Works


Hiring a consultation is almost like having a mental health expert on-call and at your service during your time of need. If you ever need to find out how to handle your former spouse, deal with a child experiencing troubling behaviors, or even just dealing with day-to-day struggles, consultation might be the option for you.

We’re a forensic psychology practice and our main focus is in family law. We, more than anyone in the mental health field, understand the obstacles families deal with in divorces, child custody evaluations / battles, and just plain litigation. This means when you’re having issues with your former spouse, who isn’t following the time sharing plan or they’re restricting the child(ren), we know how it will effect the child’s mental health.


For parents who are dealing with difficult former spouses, it can be difficult to keep your cool and make sound decisions when it comes to the well-being of your child. Having a mental health consultant can help by informing you based on the child’s best interests and how your actions may impact your child and their well-being. If you have an attorney, we’re able to communicate with them and assist in your case in many ways. From help with deposition questions, cross examination questions, or just providing general education, our mental health consultants can assist you.

If you don’t have children, hiring a mental health consultant may also help in dealing with your divorce and communicating with your former spouse throughout the divorce process. Communicating can be difficult, especially with attorneys involved. Having a consultant on hand can really help you and your attorney.

If you feel that you would benefit from therapy instead of consultation, that is something our practice can accommodate! If you need just therapy, we can do that. If you need consultation and therapy, we’ve got you covered!


Experiencing constant frustration and difficulty in dealing with your former spouse over the children should be a flag. When you feel like you need someone to guide you during those difficult situations and it feels like your former spouse is working against you; that is when you need someone to turn to that can help you deal with the difficulties of being newly divorced.


When you call our office as a new client, we will discuss what needs you have and help you to figure out what services will best suit your needs. If we decide that consultation is right for you or your case, we will set up an intake appointment with one of our clinicians to get your background history and information so we can better assist you. We also have options to set up email and phone call assistance if coming into the office doesn’t work into your schedule during the day or week. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get you set up!

It is also important to note that if you do hire a mental health consultant for you or your case, our service is something that will not have to be disclosed in court or in your case. Typically this means we will be working “behind the scenes” to improve your case!

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