Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV): Why should visits be therapeutic?

What is Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV)?
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, much like “regular” supervised visitation, allows a parent to visit their children in a safe and appropriate environment. Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV), involves a mental health professional who provide s constructive criticism to the visiting parent. Additionally, the mental health professional is able to work with the visiting parent in resolving issues that may be preventing them from properly bonding or interacting with their children. A major component of TSV may also include parenting education.

What situations would be appropriate for TSV?
Situations where there have been allegations of child abuse or child sexual abuse, are the most common situations that call for TSV. The reason behind this is the child most likely, has gone through DCF investigations, speaking with police officers, or they have been interviewed by DCF investigators. These are all things that are very traumatic for a child and they may, in turn, blame the visiting parent for those incidents occurring, even if the allegations were false or unfounded. In these kinds of situations, the mental health professional would monitor the relationship between the child and visiting parent to insure the child feels comfortable and is in no distress of any kind.

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Additionally, the mental health professional may choose to meet with the visiting parent before each visit to provide activity or visit ideas to encourage the building of the parent-child relationship.

How do I choose the right mental health professional for my TSV?
Choosing the right mental health professional is the most important component of TSV. Always try to choose a mental health professional who understands family law matters and how false or unfounded allegations of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and trauma can effect the parent-child relationship. More importantly, they should have the ability and training to testify in court if necessary. Typically, TSV cases result in court, which then requires the supervisor to testify based on their observation of the visiting parent and child.

Do I need a referral?
Although most of our referrals come from attorneys, we also get cases from Childnet, judges, and other mental health providers. If your family went to mediation or court and a parent has been ordered to attend therapeutic supervised visitations with their children, we’re able to use that court order to carry out the appropriate services! Overall, we just need to know the frequency and duration of the ordered visits and who will be responsible for paying the visitation fees. Sildenafil

Things to keep in mind!
TSV should never be a replacement for family therapy, individual therapy, or reunification therapy. If you believe that your family would benefit form a therapeutic service, give us a call and we can help you figure out what service fit your needs best!

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