How To Expose a Manipulative Narcissist During a Child Custody Dispute. Our Expert Weighs in.

You don’t get it” “no one understands” “he’s so manipulative” “he’s such a charmer” “somehow he always manages to turn things around to make it look like I’M the crazy one”

No one gets it or takes the time to see him for who he really is. He’s so manipulative. I don’t understand how he is able to fool everyone he meets. He always finds a way to turn things around and make it look like I’m the crazy one. He doesn’t even want the kids full time, he just wants to hurt me by “winning” in court. I am so scared for my children. I am desperate. I just need him exposed. I need the judge to understand who he’s actually dealing with. I need someone who understands, who can help me make this right for my kids. They WON’T Be okay if they end up with him full time. Please help me…

Some of the most frequent comments I hear as a Child Custody Litigation Consultant/Forensic Psychologist.

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