Parental Alienation & High Conflict Divorce

Parental Alienation & High Conflict Divorce:

 Without question, the break up of a marriage creates an overwhelming amount of stress, even during ideal circumstances. When you add kids in to the mix, the new source of concern typically (and appropriately) shifts away from the parent’s own feelings and instead becomes centered around making sure that the children are “okay”, without any long term emotional damage.

Unfortunately, divorcing parents don’t always have the luxury of dealing with the “ideal” former spouse, and some are so misguided or irrational that effective communication is nearly impossible . When attempting to co-parent, some parents become so wrapped up in their own anger, that they begin to to use the children as “pawns” in the divorce, with the purpose of reaching their own self serving goals. Even worse, at the most extreme, some disturbed and in some cases, mentally unstable parents make purposeful attempts to destroy and eliminate the relationship that previously existed between their children and their former spouse.

Our forensic psychologists and therapists are frequently relied on to provide expertise on cases involving high conflict divorce, relocation disputes, and parental alienation. Our practice regularly provides social investigations/child custody evaluations, interaction studies, psychological evaluations, gatekeeping assessments, relocation evaluations, individual therapy, therapeutic supervised visitation, and reunification therapy. Additionally, proactive attorneys confidentially retain our experts to provide private mental health consultation, typically to assist with either “client management” or trial consultation.

If you are an attorney with a highly contested divorce case that involves a relocation dispute or signs of parental alienation, call our office today and speak directly with the doctor about how we can help strengthen your case. (561) 429-2140

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